WARNING: Cigar smoking can cause cancers of the mouth and throat, even if you do not inhale.

Island Blendz

Filtered Cigars

Our filtered Island Blendz cigars come in six different flavors! Each flavor is a different experience of our fine tobacco, perfect for the taste of the most refined connoisseur. Not sure what to choose? Try our natural flavor, and enjoy the smooth quality of our original filtered cigars.

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What’s Your Flavor?


Taste the islands with each draw, closing your eyes to capture that carefree feeling. Our natural flavor is perfect for traditionalists! If you like your coffee black and your bourbon neat, this is the choice for you.

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Our amazing menthol cigars are a smooth embrace for your mouth. Flavored naturally and simply, this flavor embodies the breeze of the islands. Our menthol cigars bring to mind the qualities of peppermint; light, refreshing, and overall, delicious. Pair with a quality beverage, or even dessert. We love it with Ice cream.

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Choosing vanilla doesn’t have to be boring. Our vanilla flavored cigars play with your tastebuds, evoking sandalwood and meshing nicely with the earthy flavors of our tobacco. This flavor satisfies even the most careful connoisseur, and is perfect paired with a glass of white wine, or creme brulee.

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Peach is a playful flavor, whether enjoyed as fruit, dessert, or in our Island Blendz cigars. Our peach- flavored cigars are a subtle experience, equally as ephemeral as the ripeness of a peach. Enjoy the taste of summer in our peach cigars, and reminisce about summers long past with a pitcher of iced tea.

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Our cherry flavored cigars are a treat for the senses. Upon first draw, you are met with the sweet and earthy infusion of cherry and tobacco. The aftertaste is pure fruit mixed with woodsy- goodness. Bring our premium cherry flavored cigars on your next hike or fishing trip, and prepare for a taste of the decadent.

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Smooth. This is the word that comes to mind when you experience our high quality tobacco for yourself. Our smooth flavor merges elegantly with our tobacco, resulting in a cigar that is absolutely amazing any time of day. Try it with a shot of espresso to perfectly pair the smooth experience of this fine flavor.

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Owned and operated by Squaxin Island Tribe, Island Blendz is a brand family of products manufactured by Skookum Creek Tobacco Co., Inc.
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